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Gold Oil is a company that operates in the refining and blending industry of fats and oils. Two types of robots and different grippers for 4 and 8 bottles are installed.

The automation process in this company is in two stages - automation of making boxes, filling them and taking the full boxes for palletization and automation of palletizing.

Two KUKA KR240 L180 robots with KRC2 ed05 control cabinets are installed at the site, one of which fills the cartons with bottled oil in two sizes - 5 and 10 liters, and the other palletizes the full cartons onto two pallets.
In addition to the robots, two types of grippers made by us have been implemented - one for cartons, allowing to pick up and place one or two cartons, and for the second operation it was necessary to construct two grippers - for four or eight bottles, which are changed according to the product with Gimatic quick changers with a load capacity of up to 150 kg.

Palletizing robot

Palletizing robot

Palletizing is for two types of products - in one case, two cartons are taken at once, and in the other - one carton each. For this purpose, a gripper was developed, allowing both operations, as well as picking up and placing sheets of corrugated board between the rows of cartons.

The main challenge is to pick up all kinds of bottles as well as one or two cartons, and the carton gripper must also be able to pick up sheets of corrugated cardboard.
The overall development of the case line, the synchronization with the feeding of the bottling machine and the closure of the cases also required serious engineering and precision manufacturing.

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