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AJD Agro is a company engaged in the production of agricultural products. BG ROBOTS installed an automated palletizing system with PLC control

Automated palletizing of two pallets of sacks with pellets is the task performed by BG ROBOTS for AJD Agro. The addition of a palletizing robot completes the cycle of a complete automated pellet packing system.

A KUKA KR210 robot with a KRC2 control cabinet, a gripper for 25kg bags BGR GP60P, a Siemens PLC control system was installed to control and synchronize the processes and to select the different products/volumes for palletizing.

Palletizing robot

The robot picks up the bag from a roller conveyor, placing it sequentially on two pallets. After palletizing, the finished pallet is foiled and taken to storage.

The limited space required a preliminary simulation of the entire process in order to select an optimal robot model.

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