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BG ROBOTS offers different configurations of robotic milling systems depending on the material to be processed - foams, resins, plastic, wood, aluminum milling, as well as steel milling. Similar systems can also be used for trimming or post-processing of cast parts

Robotic milling is a process in which material is removed from a workpiece by stock removal in order to create a specific shape. Milling robots enable the processing of various types of materials.
The large range of the robots allows the production of models of really impressive sizes, with an accuracy of 0.3 - 0.5mm.

With the addition of a rotary table or a linear positioner, such a system can compete in terms of parameters with high-end CNC machines.

Through robotic milling, with the selection of the right spindle, it is possible to process many soft materials, hard woods, and also stone or concrete. The large range of the robots, their flexibility in space allows to create any shape, design or scanned surface, as a single product or a series.
With the addition of 7 or 8 axes, such a system can offer enormous possibilities for the production of even the most complex projects.


A milling robot usually contains the following components:

  • KUKA industrial robot

  • spindle for milling, with suitable power and revolutions

  • spindle control inverter

  • communication module to interface with the inverter

  • rotary table with one or two axes

  • linear positioner of different lengths

  • work table (or several tables)
    pneumatic group

  • start/stop to automate the process.

Milling robots combined with good programming software - such as the Sprutcam Robot - can be high-performance milling and cutting systems using a variety of material removal technologies and strategies.

Some of them are: milling, cutting, grinding, polishing, trimming, hot wire cutting, etc.

A full-featured 30-day version of Sprutcam Robot can be downloaded from the Sprutcam website - www.sprutcam.com

So, if you are interested to hear more about our offers for milling robots, contact us and we will give you more information.

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