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"Pick and place" applications most often require efficiency, precision and reliability at high speeds of parts transport or assembly processes.BG ROBOTS offers...

In industrial applications, we often deal with the issue of maneuvering fragile, large size or requiring technological cleanliness assurance workpieces when grasping and moving.

It is possible to use then dedicated manipulators for simple trajectories or an industrial robot, where maneuvering involves a complete change of orientation or is carried out in significantly limited spaces.

Dedicated grippers and materials ensure the opportunity of contact with food, a steady grip and the possibility of leaving no marks on the surface, on which the working element of the gripper worked.

Such features are an undoubted advantage for the food, pharmaceutical and many other industries, where there is a possibility of product pollution or contamination with traditional handling.


In product transfer applications, many types of robots are used. The selection of the right solution is associated with the requirements of the application and the type of workpieces to be moved. In applications with high dynamics and small workpieces, the most commonly used robots are:

  • delta,
  • scara,
  • articulated robots (anthropomorphic).

In applications for transferring heavier parts, there are usually used articulated robots in the standard version or possibly in the cooperating version.

Cooperating robots have movement dynamics limitations appropriate to the size and shape of the workpiece they operate, so as to meet the standards for cooperation with human.

When transferring larger parts with appropriate dynamics, there are solutions of classic articulated robots to be used.

"Pick and place"
in intra-logistics systems:

“Pick and place” applications are often used in intra-logistics systems or as a supplement to in-house transport.
Robots added to the conveyor system, using appropriate automation systems, are able to synchronize their movements with the speed of products transport, enabling sorting or reorientation in flight.
Properly selected vision systems can be the heart of inspection systems directly on conveyors. They control e.g. levels of filling, material defects or losses in details. Using a robot, we can remove defective items from the production line. Such activities significantly simplify and speed up quality control processes as well as save costs of equipment maintenance and transport of workpieces to quality departments and then to subsequent production stages.

So, if you are interested to hear more about our offers for pick and place robots, contact us and we will give you more information.

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